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Offering Top-Quality Document Shredding Solutions


The shredding is done using industrial crosscut shredders. The only thing we can't shred are the most sensitive government documents! A standard piece of paper is shredded into 500 pieces or more! The shredder complies with the HIPAA requirements for document security.

Give yourself a sigh of relief knowing that your identity or records are being securely destroyed at a reasonable price! Certificate of Destruction is available upon request. All shreddings are turned in to the Recycling Center where it is reused!

Document Scanning

If you are trying to go paperless, we can scan your existing documents and shred them securely if they are no longer needed. Or if you just need a few items digitally copied, we can do that as well. Why spend hundreds of dollars on equipment and then spend thousands on either a temp worker or regular employee time.

We will scan your documents and bring them to you for storage or transfer them to the cloud for your own download and storage. Doesn't matter if it's one page or thousands of pages! Need help setting up for internal use at business? We can help there too!

Picture Scanning

Picture scanning, as well as document scanning, can be done up 11" x 17"! If you need something bigger scanned, we'll figure out a way with you! Picture scanning can be done with or without color enhancement. Enhancements usually entail faded pictures being brought up to as the day you developed them! Why take a chance and lose all those memories when they can be placed digitally and never fade again!

Hard Drive Destruction

Too often people just throw out old hard drives even if they crashed. Data can still be recovered from those crashed hard drives. Don't take a chance on others to discover your information! We will take your hard drive, disassemble it, and destroy each individual platter.

The casings and other components are then separated and recycled. We make it easy to properly dispose of your hard drive and information! Go ahead and add some Eze in your life for only $10 per drive!

CPU Recycling

Had to upgrade and now what do you do with the old computer? We will help you relieve of that burden. We will do the recycling for you! Why waste space in your home or office with old computers you will never use again? Let us free up that space for you! CPU's can be disposed for $15 and monitors can be disposed for $20.

Other Computer Services

I've been around computers when computers weren't cool! My wife and I are well versed in the use of the standard Microsoft Office products as well as other programs. Need help setting up a basic network? We can help! Need help installing new computers, printers, and software? We can help!

We can make templates, do training of personnel on computer and program uses, set up spreadsheets or just make instructions for users for your other systems or processes. We can also set up a schedule for computer cleaning that would minimize any interference with your normal business operations. If you run into a situation, run it past us to see if we can help with a solution!