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Securing Remote Employees is the Top 2021 Cybersecurity Challenge for Organizations

By pwsadmin / December 31, 2020 /

Security vendor CheckPoint provides insight into what are the organizational cybersecurity priorities for next two years, as well as where cybersecurity is going to be challenging. It’s no secret; cybersecurity has become much harder this year. The pandemic has taken a toll on every organization’s cybersecurity posture, making it increasingly more difficult as more users want to…

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A Friend Needs Money Urgently? You’re Probably Getting Scammed

By pwsadmin / December 28, 2020 /

People need to be on the lookout for phishing attacks sent from legitimate but compromised social media accounts, according to Paul Ducklin at Naked Security. Ducklin describes a scam sent in by a reader who received an unexpected message from one of their Facebook friends. The message said, “Hi [name]. Hope you’re all well. Do you use…

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Your New KnowBe4 2019 Security Threats Report and What to Watch out for Next Year

By pwsadmin / December 11, 2019 /

We have just published our yearly, independent, 2019 Security Threats and Trends Survey. We polled 600 organizations worldwide mid-2019 on the major security issues they will face in the next 12 to 18 months. A majority of them – 86% – have proactively amplified security initiatives over the last year to combat the increase in…

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